Moses Lake Application – May 31st

Today the Moses Lake alum application project was completed on schedule!  Over two days, the exact dose of 37,500 gallons of alum was applied in a precise, uniform, and most importantly, safe manner.  The Moses project marks HAB’s 61st project, all of which have occurred without a safety incident.  This morning we applied the final 12,500 gallons of alum, then cleaned up our application equipment and were demobilized off the project site by mid-afternoon.  The lake is already showing some improvement with a reduction in visible algae on the surface and a significant amount of the phosphorus-binding floc has settled to the bottom of the lake.  HAB also collected an additional sediment core for MLIRD this afternoon in the Middle Pelican portion of the Lake.  This area did not receive any alum.  This core, along with the core we collected yesterday, will be used evaluate the amount phosphorus that has accumulated in the lakebed and to guide potential alum applications in the future.

This is the last of our daily postings, but check back periodically (or receive automatic notifications by entering your email address in the footer below) for additional Moses project updates in the future.  Thanks for your interest and following our progress.  Don’t forget to check out HAB on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.  Finally, a big thanks to the community, Wapato Lake users and MLIRD staff for all of their support.  This support is critical to successful projects.  We have definitely enjoyed our time at Moses Lake.  HAB’s application barge is already on the road to Wisconsin for our next two lake projects in June.  Thanks again for your interest!


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